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Guiding Principles

Our Vision -

We see a day when Greenville will be transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our Mission -

The Hub exists to Help, Unify and Bless Greenville by serving the local schools in the name of Jesus.


Our Values

  • Jesus is our focus.

  • The gospel is our power.

  • Serving is our passion.

  • Humility is our attitude.

  • Generosity is our norm. 


Our Objectives 

  • People to God through faith in Jesus.

  • Schools to needed resources

  • Churches, ministries, and businesses to each other in a common mission.

  • People with needed life skills 

  • Schools to better serve their communities.

  • Believers, churches, ministries, and businesses to serve our schools, share the gospel and show the love of Christ.

  • People and schools to improve life for families and communities.

  • Churches, ministries, and businesses to share and show the gospel.

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